Halal Love. Feature

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Starring: D. Hamze, R. Sleiman, M. Moukarzel, Ali Sammoury, H. Mokaddem, Z. Khadra, F. Chahine
Director: Assad Fouladkar 
DoP: Lutz Reitemeier
Steadicam/BCam: Christoph Iwanow
Production Company: Razor Film, Sabbah Media

Festival & Nominations:
SUNDANCE 2016, World Cinema Dramatic Competition

3 individual but intertwined stories in which devout Beiruti Muslims try to manage their love lives and desires without breaking any of their religion’s rules. Awatef, middle aged mom of two girls, is recruiting a second wife to help her satisfy her overly loving husband. The young and excessively jealous Mokhtar needs to find his ex-wife another man to be able to marry her again - for the 4th time. Loubna, freshly divorced, can finally marry her true love, but on a short-term contract only since he has a family.