Willi and the Wonder Toad

DP » Fiction

We shot this adventure during the pandemic 2020/21. We had very different conditions for the individual shoots. While in Germany we were crewed as regular, in Panama City we had a small, great local crew for air-to-air and VFX shoots at the airports. At night in Bolivia in the swamp and in the desert between the pyramids, we were pretty much on our own. But everything came together nicely, for which I am very grateful and thankful to everyone involved. 

Cast: Willi Weitzel, Ellis Drews, Ferdinand Dörfler, Miriam Stein

Production: Filmtank Hamburg / Thomas Thielsch, Anna Dietzel
Director: Markus Dietrich
DoP: Christoph Iwanow
Gaffer: Daniel Pauselius
BCam: Sabine Streckhardt
1st AC: Florian Ritter, Dennis Kühnel, Claudia Hector
Colorist: Fabiana Cardalda

full cast and crew